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Mature content
America x Reader ~ Not Alone :iconprussiadesu:PrussiaDesu 12 1
Mature content
England x Reader ~ Not Alone :iconprussiadesu:PrussiaDesu 17 19
Edward Elric x Reader (fluff)
Edward hopped from building top to building top chasing after a malevolent troublemaker whom repeatedly brought havoc to a small town located in central. A chilling breeze blowing through the alchemist's golden locks as he dashed after the reported criminal, a deviant smirk graced his visage.
As he jumped from a roof and landed roughly on the pavement with his two feet, the aforementioned smirk that stretched across the teenager's tiers etched further and he'd laugh tauntingly at the offender. "Now I've got you!" Edward exclaimed clapping his gloved hands together.
A blue spark ignited and thin shrieks of electricity flashed as he transmutated a weapon; a metal staff to be exact. Holding the narrow piece of weaponry firmly betwixt slender digits the young state alchemist charged toward his opponent.
Screaming whilst impulsively rushing the fleeing ravenette running ahead the blonde failed to notice a steppingstone in his path and tripped up. The staff was ripped from Edward's grasp and
:iconprussiadesu:PrussiaDesu 7 0
Gundam x Reader - Happy New Year
The time was 22:45 and it was less than 2 hours before the new year arrived. Everybody at Hope's Peak Academy was attending a party surprisingly thrown by Monokuma, dancing the night away. Loud music provided by Ibuki blaring through the speakers, strobe lights illuminated the darkened gym where most, if not all, students remained.
Fuyuhiko and Peko were isolated from the rest but kept each other company in a corner while Kazuichi fruitlessly flirted with Sonia. As always, his shallow attempts to capture her attention was useless. Hajime, who was found sitting by Komaeda, appeared uncomfortable as he watched other students dance.
You however just stepped out the shower and were soon to prepare for the party. After drying yourself off, you walked into your room and sifted through your closet for something to wear. Pulling out a [color] dress and [color] bra and panties, you slipped the wear on with a few accessories included. Previewing your appearance, you stepped in front the rectangu
:iconprussiadesu:PrussiaDesu 3 0
Nagito Komaeda x reader - Anxiety
Nagito's fingertips smoothly slid along the surface of his bruised flesh; red and purple marks littering his abnormally pale skin. Nagito sat unaccompanied in a hospital bed, buried beneath the crisp and clean white sheets. Tending to his self inflicted, an unnerving smile lay unfazed upon his countenance as you entered.
    "You can't keep doing this." you said with a sigh. Nagito winced in pain at the slight annoyance tied to your voice but laughed nonetheless. "I'm sorry," he quickly apologized dabbing away at the discoloration repainting his skin. "Sometimes I just get so anxious I don't know what else to do?"
    A disbelieving huff elicits your tiers and (color eyes) looking into verdant orbs, you scowl. "You mean to tell me you get so anxious that you HURT yourself? I don't believe it." you grumble. A twitch in Nagito's lips faltered his smile and a small frown crossed his face. "Well that's kind of rude," he whined. "after all, I was concerned about you, (na
:iconprussiadesu:PrussiaDesu 7 2
Troublemaker (pt. 5)
30 minutes later to an hour you and Vincent finally lost the cops. Unable to return to your home (in order to keep them from knowing your location), you and Vincent crashed at a cheap, surprisingly clean hotel.
You sat on the edge of the bed with your elbows in your knees, your hands tangled in your messy, (h/c) hair. You peered down worriedly at the floor, your mind racing at the turn of events that was to follow after today. Finally looking up from the floor you raised an eyebrow at the purple man whom was checking himself out in the mirror.
Vincent was posing, flexing, and even wiggling his eyebrows at himself. Narcissistic bastard.
“What are you doing?” you asked and he winked into the mirror.
“Looking at my sexy face.” he replied.
You merely scoffed and looked away, rolling your eyes.
“Yeah whatever. Sexy my ass.”
“What was that ending with ‘my ass’?” Vincent asked and chuckled, threateningly close to your face. You shrie
:iconprussiadesu:PrussiaDesu 4 2
Teen!Utatane Piko x Teen!Reader (pt. 2)
Not long after the remnant performances ended had the strip club closed. A meeting being called, one in which Piko avoided to pack up, enabled the boy to finish planning his escape. Throwing a red towel, white rag and a few other accessories into his small suitcase Piko stopped at the door opening.
Slowly looking back to the unknown person entering, the VOCALOID paused. Blue-green eyes widened and heart made of metal seemingly racing in anticipation, Piko's mouth sat agape. Awaiting a loud shout and slap to the face, the 16 year old cringed in fear.
Taken aback by a hand resting softly atop his head Piko opened his eyes to see Namine smiling down at him. "So I see you're taking me up on my advice." came Namine's voice. Piko stared at him hesitantly before smiling back and nodding himself. "Yeah," he said rising from his knees. "I am."
"Well I wish you the best of luck." said the other VOCALOID. The silverette nodded at him once more as the redhead placed an assuring hand on his shoulde
:iconprussiadesu:PrussiaDesu 2 0
Mature content
Saix x Reader (pt. 9) To Love Without a Heart :iconprussiadesu:PrussiaDesu 4 0
Saix x Reader (pt. 8) To Love Without a Heart
【 CHAPTER 8: Dollhouse 】
You were sitting at the small table in your room, drawing pictures of multicolored hearts and stars.
Hey girl, open the walls.
Play with your dolls.
We'll be a perfectly family.
Nothing but silence surrounded.
That silence was soon broke when the creaking sound of your door opening revealed a tall man with pink hair a sadistic smirk standing in its frame.
When you walk away, is really when we play.
You don't hear me when I say: mom, please wake up, dad's with a slut.
And your son is smoking canapus.
​“Hello, (name).” came a deep, unfamiliar voice.
You didn’t respond. Instead, you only looked to the figure almost painted with light until he completely entered your domain, eyes moderately widened in what looked as fear. The malicious smirk tugging at his lips etched further and a soft, unnerving chuckle escaped his lips.
No one ever listens,
This wallpaper glistens.
Don't let them see what goes down in the kitchen.
:iconprussiadesu:PrussiaDesu 4 0
Eddie Gluskin x Reader - Darling (pt. 6)
2 hours after your kidnapping you wake to find yourself strapped to the same wooden table. Physically drained, you weakly look toward your left before the right, in search of the groom. He was nowhere to be seen, or at least in sight.
       A frail moan emits trembling lips and that all-too-familiar pain nagging at your body returned. Binds suffocatingly tight and silence growing more than suspicious, with your remnant energy you yanked at the restraints.
       With every attempt you'd grunt in agony at the hindrance reminding you of your limitations. Despite this you continued to thrash around until finally, your lower restraints fell loose and your feet were free. Success! you mentally cheered. Now if I can just get these-
       "Darling~!" rang Eddie's voice. You cringed at the resonating echo.  "I'm back, and I've brought some toys I can play with in our little game of doctor. I've always been a fan of surgical gam
:iconprussiadesu:PrussiaDesu 7 0
Teen!Utatane Piko x Teen!Reader (pt. 1)
A light escaped throughout the passages if Piko's thin, chapped lips and he looked to the mirror with a charming smirk; an oceanic blue hue aligned perfectly with a glistening green. Pinkish-purple blush painting over pale cheeks followed by fake eyelashes layered top and bottom.
Despite the flashy smirk accompanied with popping pink lip gloss and conceited mien, a brokenhearted boy.
“10 minutes until showtime!” came a gruff voice behind the sparkling red curtains. Piko simply nodded and tucked his long, flowing white hair beneath a sexy blue wig tipped with green.
“I don’t want to do this anymore.” Piko whispered, shame and sadness transfixing in his mix-matched orbs. A hand found its way to Piko’s shoukder and standing behind him was his coworker, and friend. Looking back with moderately widened eyes, Piko was going met with a saddened smile.
“You don’t have to do this.” said Namine. Piko quirked an eyebrow in confusion. “I
:iconprussiadesu:PrussiaDesu 0 0
Saix x Reader (pt. 7) To Love Without a Heart
Shortly after Marluxia’s return, Axel and Roxas appeared next.
Stepping into the halls of the castle through the corridor, Axel looked to Roxas with a weary expression.
“Oh man, I dont think I’ve worked this hard in my life.” said Axel groaning. Roxas, who nodded in agreement, flashed the pyromaniac a look of exhaustion.
​“You can say that again.” the blonde croaked.
​“Well I hate to break it to ya’ but I actually have to go. See ya!” said Axel quickly disappearing into another summoned corridor.
​“Axel, wait!” Roxas called and reached after him, only to be left unaccompanied. ​“No. . . proper goodbye?”
​“Why say goodbye when he’s soon again to say hello?​” came a familiar voice. Roxas raised an eyebrow and turned to face the other nobody, slightly frowning.
​“Demyx? What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be on a mission or something?
:iconprussiadesu:PrussiaDesu 4 0
Troublemaker (pt. 4)
You and Vincent drove around for a while searching for a place to eat out at. Despite the discomfort you felt, aware to it even, Vincent continued to smile and rub your leg throughout the drive. The intolerable shudders you gave in reply to the purple man’s touch encouraged his perverted actions, irking you terribly.
Other than your enticing looks what’s his motivation for this? What’s the game behind the madness? You couldn’t think straight with his hand gliding up and down your thigh, getting closer and closer to your private area until finally-
“VINCENT!” You screamed and slapped his hand away when he tried sneaking it up your dress. He chuckled softly and put his hand back on the steering wheel.
“Heh, I knew you weren’t easy.” he said and a silence fell over you both.
“Im sorry, excuse you?!” You barked with a deep blush. The purple man laughed at your reaction and shook his head, quickly fanning you off.
:iconprussiadesu:PrussiaDesu 1 0
Mature content
Eddie Gluskin x Reader - Darling (pt. 5) :iconprussiadesu:PrussiaDesu 3 0
Mature content
Eddie Gluskin x Reader - Darling (pt. 4) :iconprussiadesu:PrussiaDesu 4 0
Troublemaker (pt. 3)
All throughout the day you held a look of worry. You contemplated your odds with Vincent. You obviously knew something was wrong with him considering nobody would do what he done. Pacing back and forth with a racing heart and mind, you groaned in annoyance. That possible psycho was coming back tomorrow to visit you and do God knows what?
“Ugh, I need to clear my mind.” You said before going over to the couch and flopping down, staring up at the ceiling. Grabbing the bag of chips, you opened the it and stuck your hand inside, taking a handful of salty delights and shoving it into your mouth.
That moment with Vincent replayed over and over in your head, making your heart pound in both a negative and positive way. Thinking closely, you felt a pain in your heart upon the purple man’s sudden disappearance.
‘Why am I feeling like this?’ you thought to yourself. A wave of worry washed over you at the thought of possibly crushing on the purple man you BARELY knew.
:iconprussiadesu:PrussiaDesu 1 0


Roy and Riza - What should I do with you? :iconelena-barilli:Elena-Barilli 28 1
Seven minutes in Heaven-Greece
"_______ got Heracles." Alfred said. He wasn't expecting much considering the county. You looked at the cute cat plushie and smiled. You had a crush on the sleepy nation, although you did wonder why he slept most of the time. You watched as Alfred walked over to the sleeping nation, waking him up and explaining quickly the rules of the game. He looked at you and smiled sleepily. He was wearing baggy blue jeans and an open chested white shirt. You blushed a little as he walked over and offered you his hand. You took it and walked over to the closet with him, ignoring the glares you got from Sadiq.
Once in the closet, you both stood there. You weren't quite sure what to do, the greek man infront of you never seemed to have that much energy right now.
"_______." You looked up and saw those green eyes right infront of you.
"Yes?" All you could smell was olive oil and you looked to the side.
"Look at me..." Two fingers pulled your chin upwards, forcing you to look at him.
A pair of lips met
:iconilluminati-genius:Illuminati-genius 435 186
Seven minutes in Heaven-Spain
"_______ got Antonio!" Alfred said, waving the minature bull horn in the air. You looked over and saw him dancing with Gilbert and Francis. He was wearing white skinny jeans and a red, open chested top. He was wearing choclate coloured smart shoes and a simple gold chain round his skin which complimented his tanned skin.
"Hey! Spain! Get over here!" Alfred yelled again, this time Antonio looked over and saw the bull horn in his hands and you blushing like crazy. He smiled and walked over to you, a warm smile across his face.
"Hola chica. I see you chose me huh?" He said, taking your hand and leading you to the closet. You were a little nervous, what with him being known as part of the bad touch trio.
"Anything you want to do then chica?" You heard him ask. It was only then that you noticed you were in the dark of the closet, Antonio's hands gently on your waist. You blushed even darker, stuttering. You really didn't know what to do.
"Y-You can start...but...Te amo...." You said, closin
:iconilluminati-genius:Illuminati-genius 459 149
Seven minutes in heaven-Romano
"_______ got Lovino!" You looked at the perfectly ripe tomato in your hand.
"Bastard! I didn't put anything in that bag!" Your head whipped round to see Romano in one of his rages. But there was a blush on his cheeks, pale but apparent. He was wearing blue skinny jeans and a sandy toned shirt with an open chest, a choclate coloured tie hanging round his neck. He was also wearing a pair of smart brown shoes and had a pair of sunglasses sitting ontop of his head. You stood up and walked over to him. He looked at you and his blush increased a little. You were both then dragged by your arms to the closet, the door slamming. Romano let out a string of curses, punching the door. You grabbed his hand.
"Stop it." The closet was small and when he wrenched his hand away from you you heard his elbow hit the wall. You both stood there in silence for a minute, trying to each get some space, until you felt his curl brush your face. You didn't realise at the time until you brushed it away.
Lovino blu
:iconilluminati-genius:Illuminati-genius 684 222
Seven minutes in heaven-Italy
"_______ got Feli!" Alfred yelled. You looked at the packet of pasta in your hand and smiled. You and the cute bubbly italian had been friends for a while and he had taught you how to cook countless pasta dishes. You had fallen for him hard. His wimpyness all the way up to that adorable curl on his head. You had a good idea what that curl did, but you never dared try it.
You were then pulled into a hug by the hyper pasta lover and pulled to the closet.
"Vee~! Hello bella!" He said, once you were inside.
"Hey Feli. Oh, you want the pasta back right?" You asked him, holding the packet out to him. You could see him nodd in the dim light and take the packet, placing it somewhere in his hoodie. You liked what he was wearing. A pair of baggy blue jeans, a white t-shirt and an italian flag hoodie.
"Bella?" Feli said, cutting you off.
"Yeah?" You asked.
"Do you like anyone?" He asked. You blushed at that question.
"Maybe..." You said. He smiled.
"Can I tell you something?" He aske
:iconilluminati-genius:Illuminati-genius 605 432
Seven minutes in heaven-England
"_______ got Arthur!!!" Alfred laughed, causing you to almost drop the small, white teacup that was in your hand. You looked round for the blond haired, green eyed man, to find him dressed in his punk attire. It was something he hardly ever wore but you absolutely loved it. Those torn up jeans and the union jack t-shirt. You smiled as he walked over to you and helped you up.
"Come on love." He said, opening the closet door for you. He was a gentleman of course. The closet was rather small, and no matter how you both moved, you were still almost touching eachother. You sighed and looked at Arthur. He had a frown on his face.
"You didn't want to come in here with me did you?" You asked shyly. His facial expression changed.
"No! I mean...No love, I'm just annoyed at America. So what are going to do in here for seven minutes?" He asked.
You blushed. You had a pretty good idea what you wanted to do, but you didn't want to say anything. You shook your head, hoping to calm the blush. Arthur r
:iconilluminati-genius:Illuminati-genius 774 378
Seven minutes in heaven-Germany
"Dude! _______ got Ludwig!" Alfred laughed. You looked at the cross held in your hand and a small smile crossed your face. You had liked him for a while. You glanced over at your friend _______, who gave you a thumbs up. You hadn't realised that he was now standing next to you.
"Shall we then _______?" He asked. You looked at him and nodded. You both walked into the closet and Alfred slammed the door.
"Don't get too frisky!" He yelled. You looked at him and smiled.
He wasn't wearing his usual uniform. He was wearing a pair of baggy black jeans and a top with the german coak of arms on it. He also wore a leather jackets, the sleeves rolled up and a pair of fingerless gloves. You smiled even wider. He almost looked gothic, which was a good thing for you, considering you were sort of an nerdy goth.
"Oh, Luddy, you might want your cross back." You said handing him it. He went to take it and you grabbed him by the t-shirt, pulling him into a passionate kiss.
He was a bit stiff to begin with
:iconilluminati-genius:Illuminati-genius 670 239
HetaliaxReader-Lost my Book-England!
HetaliaxReader-Lost my Book-England has it!
             You could see the handsome brit, making his way towards you, carrying your diary in his hand. He looked a little delighted to see you. You walked towards him, and finally seeing your book made you sigh in relief.
"Here, love." he passed you the book and shoved his hands in his pockets. You loved it when he called you love.
"Thank you Arthur!" finally your notebook was safe. You tucked it safely in your purse. "I wouldn't want Francis to read it."
Arthur nodded in agreement. You took another glimpse of him. He was so lovely in every way. From his blond hair to his gentlemenly clothing style, to his love for mythical creatues, and use of black magic.
"Soo..Arthur." you broke the silence. "What are you doing right now?"
"Going home, love." he seemingly choked. "Want to come with me?"
"I'd be delighted."
He held his hand for you, instead of linked arms with him, and mad
:icon1meh8:1meh8 217 39
HetaliaxReader-Lost my Book-Russia!
HetliaxReader-Lost my Book-Russia has it!
           You stood perfectly still, when you saw Russia walking towards you, with a big grin on his face, and your diary in his right hand. You didn`t even know what to say. Did he read it? Who knew.
`This is for you da.` he smiled as he handed you the diary. You looked up at him and smiled as he gave a cute-and creepy-stare.
`Thank you Ivan!` you thanked the tall Russian and clutched your book to yourself tightly.
`Your welcome, da.` he replied, and gestured you to walk with him. As you walked, you spoke about what it was like in Russia. He explained that it was always cold, and people hated eachother-quietly that is.
You took his hand as a sign of sympathy.
`Im sorry Ivan.`
`Don`t be sorry (your name). It is because of that I am a strong country.`
He pulled you into a hug.
`But I would never hurt you.`
You blushed lightly to his remark.
`I hope you wouldn`t.`
He then bent down to your l
:icon1meh8:1meh8 207 32
~Good Morning~ 2p!Austria x Reader

2p!Austria - Roderick Edelstein

     ___ never expected to have to smack someone the moment she woke up. Yeah, they weren't awake either, but she still didn't want to be groped. Who was groping ___ in the first place? Roderick Edelstein - the Second Player representation of Austria. She had only known him a short, few hours and had all ready figured out he was the exact opposite of Roderich (despite how their names were so similar). He despised classical music (as far as she knew), could not cook nearly as good as Roderich, loved makeup, and doing anything perverted (poor Elizabeta was the first he attacked). He was even worse than Francis on his worst day.
     He hand collided with the side of Roderick's face, echoing off the blue walls and down the hall. ___ had slapped him with all her strength, not once, but twice now - one on each cheek. She pulled the covers over her chest, trying to m
:iconepicjaxx:EpicJaxx 56 8
Prussia x Reader - Who Needs Love?

It was strange. This being, this ancient being, one who had seen war and carnage, bathed in blood and bled tears… he could become so infatuated because of a single human. A mere mortal girl. The nation, the now dissolved Kingdom of Prussia, he had seen many pretty women. Beautiful hair, beautiful eyes, rich, poor, royalty, servants, the nicest smiles, the prettiest personalities. And yet, this one child had his heart beating fast, had him blushing whenever she grinned. It was unbecoming of an awesome nation like him!
But there was nothing he could do. He could not ease his breathing nor calm his heart. It was as if she had cast a spell on him and frankly, he didn’t mind so much.
(Name). The word rolled off his tongue with ease, made a soft shiver crawl up his spine. But she never noticed. It was an unrequited love. She was the Italian nations’ secretary and they both would have already captured her affections. Doesn
:iconnamiechampe:NamieChampe 175 75
England x Reader: Stupid For You
“What the bloody hell are you doing?! Get down from there!”
“Why don’t you get up here and make me?” You laughed down at him.
“Don’t think I won’t!” Arthur shouted, clenching his fists. The city officials were nowhere in sight, and he knew that the only way you were going to come down was if he climbed up and fetched you. But of all the ridiculously stupid tourist things to do, why climb on the lions in Trafalgar Square?!
He huffed and shrugged out of his coat, hanging it on the railing and ducking under, quickly scrambling up to where you were. You squealed and climbed even higher, mounting the lion’s back. He managed to snag a fistful of your trouser leg and held you fast, “Come down immediately!”
“No way!” You attempted to free yourself, but he only tightened his grip on the jeans. When he reached up and grabbed your belt in an attempt to drag you back down, you suddenly shrieked in surprise a
:iconkatiejobagles:katiejobagles 104 22
(Request) Charli :iconretromikareset:RetroMikaReset 1 1 Ben The sheep ( In suspenders ) :iconretromikareset:RetroMikaReset 4 5
Where Art Thou Valentine? - England x Reader
Arthur couldn't understand the situation one bit.
Today was Valentine's Day. It was the day that lovers celebrate and people confess their undying love towards one another. No, it's not that he doesn't understand the whole gist of the day; he did quite loathe it in fact. What he couldn't comprehend was why you were all alone.
You sat there, underneath the shade of a large willow tree surrounded by dainty little white daisies as you stared off towards the clear calm lake ahead. While everyone else around you were frolicking, exchanging kisses, chocolates, hugs, and laughter…you sat there -- alone and in daydream land.
'How strange…' He thought to himself. You were gorgeous, the epitome of beauty itself and yet, not one person was rushing to shower you with affection. Maybe it was because of the fact that you were so beautiful that people were intimidated to approach you -- he of all people should know.
Arthur stared down at the blank leather-bound notebook resting upo
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 122 34
~Good Morning~ 2p!England x Reader

2p!England - Oliver Kirkland

     Without thinking, she merely rolled over again and cuddled up against Alfred's pillow. Under no circumstances would she freak out, she had known this was eventually going to happen. ___ pulled his arm tighter around her, and he let out a small sigh. The man she laid with - the Second Player of Arthur, Oliver - let out a yawn. For a second, she believed that he was going to push her away much like the First Player would. That theory was disproved the moment Oliver buried his face into her neck.
     "You smell so sweet, poppet," Oliver whispered, " smell like alcohol too...hmm...that won't do at all."
     ___ grumbled, "Shush, I have a headache," she replied bluntly, "Right now, I just want to sleep. If you want me to shower, you're going to have to wait, Ollie."
     He huffed and decided to stand up. _
:iconepicjaxx:EpicJaxx 162 17




I'm looking to watch and interact with some more artists as well as take a few requests since I haven't done so in so long. Check out this journal on :iconsoragotdidbythatriku: to find out more. 

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I'm looking to watch and interact with some more artists as well as take a few requests since I haven't done so in so long. Check out this journal on :iconsoragotdidbythatriku: to find out more. 

Details and Information: Opened for Art Requests!
My Alternate Account: :iconsoragotdidbythatriku:
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